new visitors at Caseking Bootcamp: PENTA!

Every few weeks, a new eSports-team visits our Caseking Bootcamp. This week we were able to welcome the PENTA Sports CS:GO Community Team in our midst. The team is currently competing in the 99Damage League and is dreaming of their big break-through.

Even though, we host a lot of League of Legends teams in our Bootcamp, CS:GO teams are also frequent visitors of our facilities.

The boys are really cool and agreed to dab for the awesome photo. I talked to them a bit and the atmosphere was really chill, they are a cool bunch and have a good sense of humour 😉 Apparently they had a hunger vor cupnoodles (when I entered the room it smelled of greasy and mouthwatering cupnoodle soup).

Unfortunately one of the team members is missing on the photo, he had to leave early but I hope he had a great time hanging out at our bootcamp.

we are wishing the PENTA Community Team all the best and hope they advance to the ESL soon! GO PENTA!!!


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