Jankos:”H2K was [a] big opportunity to prove myself and I took it”

2016 was an amazing run for H2K who represented europe in the World Championship. They were able to advance to the semifinals against all odds. With an amazing win over EDG they proved, H2K were not to be taken lightly. We were able to talk to Jankos and talk about his experiences at Worlds. This interview was conducted between the end of the WCS and Allstars 2016.

Caseking Gaming: The drive is strong in you, you seemed to be very disappointed back when you played with ROCCAT, you weren’t able to live up to your potential. Did you see the WCS and H2K as a way to prove yourself?

Jankos: I wasn’t disappointed in 2015 summer split ROCCAT. What disappointed me the most was our performance in 2015 spring split. I didn’t expect to play so bad myself and everyone around me. There is no excuse, we just didn’t perform on stage. H2K was big opportunity to prove myself and I took it, yes. I did put great effort to make the team work and play the best myself while not forgetting about teammates. I’m happy with our performance and improvement over the splits.

Caseking Gaming: You rejoined H2K together with your former teammate Vander, what felt different about the team than team ROCCAT?

Jankos: I think the biggest difference was the team atmosphere. In ROCCAT it was always good but I felt like people wasn’t so eager to win. In H2K when we didn’t perform it seemed like the whole team was collapsing. It helped us a lot, everyone had so much drive. I believe not only friendship in the team matters. It’s the power of competition that can fuel you too.

Caseking Gaming: How would you describe your personal relationship with Vander?

Jankos: I think we are friends but at the same time we are teammates. If he messes up or I do it there is no hesitation in telling each other that. I like him but in esports I want to put my career above everything else.

Caseking Gaming: tell me, what’s the funniest thing, that happened during your time with H2K?

Jankos: I actually don’t know. The whole year was fun and crazy,I can’t remember of any specific situation. Me and Vander were the clowns of the team for whole 2016. But I think what did beat us was “toxic” ( In funny way ) Ryu used to say at the end of 2016 🙂 He was always so quiet and peaceful and then it was 180 degrees around, became the funniest guy. Very nice person to have around!

Caseking Gaming: There is that amazing photo of you screaming and the footage, It is so much fun to watch you enjoy yourself. You are the king of kurwa! I had to look it up, but now I know what it means. Did you know, there are Jankos kurwa compilations?

Jankos: Hahaha. It was just purely emotional. I didn’t have any thought behind it but it seems like people like it 🙂 I’m happy, I just hope my parents wont see the kurwa compilations haha

Caseking Gaming: What is your opinion on ANX and the Wildcard-teams from now on? Did your opinion change?

Jankos: I still think wild-card regions won’t go that far in the tournament. I think Asia is just way too strong. But this year both ANX and Brazilian team surprised us. I was happy for them taking games against really good and respected teams. I hope it won’t stop and next year we will see similar strong wild-cards!

Caseking Gaming: You have been voted as the representative in the all-star tournament in december! Congratulations!! How do you feel about being voted on the team and beating contestants such as Amazing and Trick by a landslide?

Jankos: My performance in worlds 2016 was pretty decent so fans trusts me to go to Allstars. I would like to thank everyone who voted for me and is reading interview, it’s amazing to have you guys behind my back. I will try not to disappoint you as team ICE! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Even though Amazing and Trick are both great players I will be more than happy to represent EU.

Caseking Gaming: Who do you want to play with and against in the upcoming all-star tournament? Are you looking forward to the crazy game modes?

Jankos: I want to play against Clearlove again. I think this guy didn’t show what he is capable of in last worlds. I want to try myself against the best again 🙂 Who to play with? I have whole old fnatic roster except for yellowstar, let’s see what can I learn from them. Crazy game modes are my favorite, lets see what riot comes up with!

Caseking Gaming: The WCS put you on the map, no doubt about that. Now that you have been seen, would you consider playing for other regions? If you leave H2K, do you change teams together with Vander?

Jankos: I would like to play in NA for one year. One way or another I’d like to see how is it in that region. I had a lot of fun in NA and I would like to come back for a little bit more.

Caseking Gaming: What do you hope to aspire in the future?

Jankos: My biggest dream right now is to win at least one split in Europe. I never ever became European champion, I never went to top 2 even. I want to prove myself in Europe now. If I do that this year, I will be able to go to worlds again and face those beasts I did this year

Caseking Gaming: Thank you for the interview. Have a nice time off 🙂

Jankos: Thank you very much! I enjoyed questions, I’m really grateful to all the fans and people that supported me & the team. I will bring you guys a lot of joy in 2017!


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