Best April fools pranks 2017!

a round-up from the technology and gaming industry


April fools is over, but did you really see and witness all of its goodness? We collected our favourite April fools pranks for you! Don’t miss out on anything, here they are, in no particular order:

Amazon – Petlexa

Amazon introduced Petlexa, a version of their Alexa-device that communicates with pets the same way Alexa communicates with humans. Let your Cat order that cardboardbox it always wanted and let your dog replace those sneakers, he chewed up while you were at work. This my friends, this is development.



Logitech – Human Trackball

Are you also one of those people, who get tired of using a regular sized mouseball? Yes? Yeah, me too. Ever thought of using your butt to control your computer? No? Me neither. But Logitech did, go check out their Human Trackball! Working your ass off, gets a whole new meaning with this revolutionary product! I kinda wish it was real though.



Talking Unicorns in Battlefield

Battlefield really outdid themselves this year. They introduced Unicorns who interact with the gamer in a snobby and hilarious voice. “Nay I say! Naaaay!”, “Careful I just had my mane done!” and “It’s ridiculous how magical I am” are just some of the phrases the unicorns used to make our days.



Honda – Horn Emojis

This hilarious take on Emoji-culture by Honda made us gag. Nice to see a car company jumping on the emoji train, We love the idea, please make this a reality. I want to flip off my neighbour aurally. Honk, honk.


T-Mobile – T-MobileOnesie

Stylish, sexy, fashionable – are these words you ever associated with T-Mobile? Well you might have to start now. T-Mobile’s prank for the 1st of April was the development of the world’s first full-body wearable that lets you control all your needs with just a tap on your chest. Turn yourself into a walking hotspot and help out people who are looking for wifi. Show the world how coverage can be sexy, too!



CD Projekt Red – Witcher 3 Geralt bathtub figurine

Remember the sexy scene when Geralt took a bath in a small wooden tub? CD Projekt Red’s april fools prank was the immortalization of that scene, in all its steamy goodness. I know a lot of ladies are very disappointed that this is not a real announcement, I mean look at this perfect sample of a male specimen! I wouldn’t mind putting one of those figurines on my desk.

IGN and GTA – AMC’s Grand Theft Auto

In the style of breaking bad, this moody trailer is just what every GTA-Fan has been waiting for. How cool would that be? A series about one of our favourite games and AMC to guide it. I am a bit heartbroken that this won’t happen to be honest.


DOOM – now available on Floppy disk!

If you still sport a Windows 95 PC, you might be interested in this new announcement from the developers of DOOM. Floppy Disk-goodness, only 35,550 are necessary to install! Make sure you install them in the right order.

Caseking – Environmental Cooling!

We can’t forget to mention our own prank of course ;)! We are introducing the world’s best cooling system – the environmental cooling system! In only 2-4 months, we are going to deliver your systems to antarctica. You can access them through our groundbreaking Caseking Cool Cloud Computing (CCCC) and overclock your PCs without any worries of overheating, the environment has got your back. Sign up to be our beta-testers!

and last but not least: Google –  GNOME, Haptic Helpers

We couldn’t decide which one we liked better, so we just picked both. First, the helper from Google for outdoors, not Google Home but Google GNOME. A gnome-like device, that gives you all the information you need about the world outside of your house but inside your fence.


The second one is the Haptic Helper, who you can book to improve your VR Experience and make it as real as possible. He will spray you with water, cook eggs and bacon for sound and smell and slap you if necessary. A vision we hope Google will bring to life for realsies.


This is our list, we hope you enjoyed it! See you next April fools 😉

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