The Smite Division of Dignitas pays us a visit!

A new guest arrived in the Caseking Bootcamp: Team Dignitas’ Smite Division! This is the second time we received guests from Team Dignitas and we are thrilled! The Heroes of the Storm Division just visited us a few weeks ago and apparently left good reviews back at headquarters.

I sat down with Coach Biggy to talk about Smite in general and find out a few things about the team. First of all, Smite is a MOBA that, different than the other MOBAs on the market, is being played from the third person view. Its lore draws from pre-existing gods and goddesses, giving cultures all over the globe a nod.

Coach Biggy himself joined Team Dignitas around the end of January, coming from coaching in Oceania. He has big aspirations for his team. 

The Coach emphasizes the importance of teamwork in Smite. Communication is key for this MOBA since vision is, compared to Dota, LoL and HotS, impaired. Teamfights are more difficult to grasp and understand with only your own point of view. A constant flow of information is crucial to set up ganks or team fights. 

As the conversation moved on, we discussed the individual team members. They are a meltpot of different teams, 3 in total coming together and uniting in Team Dignitas. The now Team Captain Variety is new to the responsibility of being the shot caller and taking action, having to grow into his own. Meanwhile the Coach noticed that Trixtank, the guardian player of the team, has taken over that role, being more dominant and present. We are eager to see, how the dynamics between Variety and Trixtank will evolve in the future.

We hope the time in the Caseking Bootcamp was enjoyable. We are looking forward to host Team Dignitas again.


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