The masters of ESC – SK Gaming!

SK Gaming against FaZe Clan – Sunday we were able to witness an epic finale with SK Gaming taking home a well deserved title. Three maps were played: SK Gaming chose Mirage, a typical choice for the team, FaZe, not afraid to be daring, picked Inferno. The third map chosen through the veto system was Train.

It was difficult to predict the winner this time around. With FaZe sweeping Cloud 9 2:0 and SK Gaming having won the IEM XII and being favourites for the title. The crowd was excited and full of anticipation, the series was going to be good.

Mirage was up first. FaZe showed up strong and aggressive, forcing SK into a defensive state. The first half ended with 10-5 for FaZe. The second half started and SK knew they had to fight back to stay in the game. They quickly closed the point gap and tied with FaZe at 11-11 before FaZe turned the game around again. Finn “Karrigan” Andersen chose to switch to a double-AWP setup and was able to close the first round with a 16-11 score for FaZe. SKs map pick didn’t turn out in their favour and now it was crunch time.

In the second game, the crowd saw SK gain a slight advantage over FaZe on Inferno and they finished the first half 9-6. The second pistol round was won by FaZe, but SK was still able to further their advantage to 12-7. FaZe pushed through and was able to even out the score. The two teams continued to trade games until the score reached 15-15, forcing overtime. FaZe was able to hold its own and gain a slight advantage at 17-16 but SK answered with a double AWP setup, finally ending the series in a 19-17 score.

The third round was played on Train. SK played very cleverly and took a few games from their opponents with the first half ending with a whopping 13-2 lead. FaZe wasn’t going to let the score sit and pushed back, winning the second pistol round and with a few consecutive defenses of A site, slowly evening out the score to 14-8. From then on out the game went back and forth constantly, forcing both teams into overtime again. SK finally pushed through and ended the series.

Considered the best CS:GO Team at the moment, SK Gaming has won 250,000 Dollars and their fourth championship title this year. We are looking forward to their upcoming performances in both the ESL Cologne and the PGL Major in July.


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