The Caseking Bootcamp going Rogue!!

New guests arrived at our bootcamp: the CS:GO team Rogue. The team is a young organization, that was founded in August 2016. The main roster disbanded some time ago and now the academy team is training at our Caseking bootcamp at the moment.

The roster, consists of Powerputte, shadow., perzon, Barken and kevve. We sat down with the team manager, Hampus “shaabi” Johansson and had a chat about the team and their aspirations for the future.

With the main roster gone, the hope of the organisation now lies on the shoulders of the academy team. “Teaching new talent is always an exciting challenge.”, says Hampus. Without a main roster, it is difficult to compete but the academy team shows amazing progress.

I asked the manager to talk about his team and introduce each and every one of them. “We heavily rely on shadow in difficult situations.” Hampus explains that shadow is a very reliable player and that he is able to perform under pressure. “kevve is our ingame leader, he prepares a lot for games in his offtime.” One of kevve’s weaknesses is dealing with dips in his performance though. According to Hampus, if he is able to work through it, he will perform on a very high level. The conversation steers towards perzon and Hampus starts to laugh.

Perzon, keeping up the positive energy

“Perzon is a super funny guy, he keeps our morale up. He also has good aim.” Being one of the most self critical guys in the group, he is able to reflect on his work and Hampus is seeing a lot of potential in his growth. The next player we talk about is barken. Him being the most inexperienced player, he is still quite new to the scene. “He used to play with epsilon and he is very reflected aswell.” Powerputte is the last player we talk about. “Powerputte has amazing decision-making skills. Almost every decision he makes ingame is perfect, he is very efficient.” In his offtime, powerputte helps kevve prepare a gameplan for the next matches.

“We considered many different players but in the end, being a good player doesn’t mean that they will work well in a specific team composition.”

With Dreamhack Atlanta coming up, the team is looking to secure some wins. Even though they suffered severe losses the week before, they talked about their problems and were able to overcome them. “After suffering three losses last week, we now understand our problems a lot better.” Hampus looks optimistic. The next event they are going to attend is the Nordic eSports academy LAN, that offers a prizepool of 10,000 $. “Good teams like the binary dragons are going to attend, so we are preparing as best as we can!”
Hampus closes the conversation with a smile.

Team Rogue, how adorable.

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