Germans go Major – Mousesports, BIG and PENTA!

HERE WE ARE! Germany has stepped up its game, three german teams were able to fight their way to the Major: mousesports, BIG and PENTA Sports. One veteran and two unlikely teams have qualified to play among the legends and we are looking forward to how far each and every team can go.

mousesports – longstanding veterans

Mousesports – an institution in the esports landscape – was founded in 2003. With many ups and downs they have come into their own this year, fighting their way into the PGL Major. Going up against PENTA Sports in their first game of the qualifier, the two German organisations were determined to show their strength. The game was even with both teams only taking a few wins at a time, but in the end mousesports overthrew the opposing team on Cobblestone with a 16-14 score. Mousesports was the first of the three German teams to advance to the next stage.

BIG – the hardworking newcomer

BIG, short for Berlin International Gaming, is an esports organisation that was formed in early 2017. In a few months Fatih “gob b” Dayik was able to form a strong team around himself and celebrate his first successes, the qualification for the Major being their biggest accomplishment yet. With wins against Tengri and Immortals BIG was able to stay in the game after losing to Cloud 9. With a final win against Team Liquid they qualified and celebrated – we are excited to see how far this new German organisation can go.

PENTA Sports – hungry for a title

The last German team that advanced to the Major was PENTA Sports. Having been around for a few years, they weren’t able to qualify for many big tournaments til 2017. With the signing of a new roster consisting of suNny, zehN, HS, innocent and their veteran kRYSTAL, PENTA broke out into the international scene. After their first loss to mousesports, they were able to rack up two wins against Team Liquid and OpTic. In their last game against Vega Squadron they showed up strong, took the game 16-8 on Train and qualified as the third German organisation.

PGL majors match ups

the first match-ups of the PGL majors

PGL Major – upcoming match-ups

Seeing three German teams qualifying for the Major, one of them being a newcomer, shows us that hard work prevails. For PENTA and BIG the Major starts with big obstacles, PENTA will be playing against SK Gaming, who dominated the CS:GO scene for a while now and BIG was matched up against FaZe Clan, another huge favourite for the title. Mousesports will face Gambit Gaming in their first game. We are proud of our German teams and are looking forward to the next few weeks – PGL Major, the Germans are here to stay!




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