Easter Eggs in Games Part 1: League of Legends

Hey, it’s Jin-A and I am back with a new article: Easter Eggs. We all love references and easter eggs in games, especially if we are able to find them ourselves. It feels like stumbling upon a present that you didn’t expect or being part of a secret only you and the game knows. You didn’t find any easter eggs yet? Don’t worry, we got your back. Here is a list with my favourite easter eggs in League of Legends!

  1. A literal (Easter) Egg

Let’s start with a tiny but cute one: Anivia’s passive “Rebirth” turns Anivia into an egg, that much we know. While she is in that state, for a few seconds she is renamed Eggnivia. Should you post something in the public or private chat, Eggnivia will be displayed as your champion name! You can also see the change in the scoreboard. Check it out! I used to be an Anivia main, so this one really got me.


  1.  Pokemon rules the world

I love this one. When you play Skarner, try hiding in the bushes and standing still for 12 seconds. If you do so, a secret emote is triggered: Skarner will shout out “SKAR-SKAR-SKARNER!”, the same way a Pokemone would do. This can only occur once per brush though! So take care summoners when entering the jungle, a wild Skarner might appear!



  1. The one-sided love

Did you realise, that Rumble’s mecha is called Tristy? If you have purchased the Super Galaxy skin for Rumble, try recalling next to a Tristana and listen. This action will trigger Rumble to say one of three phrases: “How d’ya like me now, Tristana?”, “I’ll always come back for you,Tristana.” and “Let’s make fireworks, baby.” How about hormones raging, eh? Unlucky for the Yordle, Tristana has no special emotes for Rumble. Poor bastard.


  1. The Piltover Showdown

If you ever enjoyed playing cops and robbers when you were a child, you will love this easter egg: Did you ever have a Jinx vs Caitlyn and/or Vi match-up? If the two or three characters meet as opponents, a special event is triggered. If you play Jinx you will gain a debuff called “Catch me if you can!”. The debuff states: “Cait and Vi are chasing you. How fun! Cops Outsmarted: X”, X being the number of kills and assists of Caitlyn and Vi. However if you play Caitlyn or Vi your debuff states: “Jinx is causing chaos again. How obnoxious… Criminals Apprehended: X”, again X being the number of kills and assists of Jinx this time.

For every time she kills or assists in a takedown of either Caitlyn or Vi, Jinx will receive one additional gold, Caitlyn and Vi receiving an addition gold for every Jinx kill/assist.
Well done Riot, taking cops and robbers to a whole new level.



  1. Bow down Poison Ivy, there is a new queen in town!

Next we have a tiny collection of Zyra’s special interactions with other heroes. Maybe you have heard of the wildly famous game “Plants vs Zombies”? Well, Riot made a reference to the popular title and created a special reward for Zyra, Karthus and Sion. As we all know, Karthus and Sion are considered zombies. If they meet a Zyra in a game and manage to kill her, they get rewarded 2 Gold more, the same goes for Zyra. Kind of ironic though that Zyra has an undead looking skin… Just saying.

Another reference to Zyra being a plant is made, when Zyra meets Leona. When Leona’s Passive “Sunlight” hits the enemy Zyra, she grows in size and her plants start to glow slightly.

plants vs zombies


  1. Suicide is not the answer

Have you ever heard of George, the suicidal frog? No? Well, let me tell you the story of this manically depressed amphibian. in the top side of the map you can find a tiny frog near the shop. You can chase him all the way to the cliff and trigger him to jump from the ledge – and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. Someone on reddit decided to name him George and that is who is, no questions asked. You are forever in our hearts George.


  1. Friends with Cows

This is a small one, but I love it. Braum, the ever so cheery man from the Freljord, has been given many fun interactions with other heroes. Upon meeting an enemy Alistar you can trigger a special taunt, with phrases such as “You remind me of Agatha. Best cow back home.” and “Alistar! I have cow you should meet.” he serves up some nice burns.

Another fun taunt is triggered when meeting an enemy Gragas: When taunted, Braum says “After this, we share drink! You like goat’s milk?” and “What’s your poison, Gragas? Mine’s milk!”. There are many more individualised taunts, go check them all out yourself!



  1. A last tribute

Ok, just a quick warning: Get your tissues out, onion cutting ninjas incoming. With the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a kid named Joe wanted to visit Riot, he was 17 at the time. He was shown around the office, had a look into old concept arts and played together with Phreak and Tryndamere against a team of rioters. After his visit, Riot was inspired to help other kids in need and created a post, saying they would donate 100% of the proceeds of the Jaximus skin sale to the Make-A-Wish foundation, since Jaximus was Joe’s favourite skin and champion. When Joe passed away a year later, they recorded a new line of dialogue for Jaximus in remembrance of Joe: “Here’s to you kid.” Damn those ninjas. Sob.


  1. Speaking of…

Ninjas! We have 4 ninjas currently in the game: Akali, Kennen, Shen and Zed. Since Ninjas work best alone, Riot wanted to pay tribute to that phrase. For every ninja in your own team, excluding yourself obviously, you lose 1 base HP. Ninja skins don’t count thankfully, but man, sometimes that 1 HP really does make a difference…


  1. Summoner’s rift’s next ultimate Hunter/Predator

Kha’Zix the Voidreaver and Rengar, the Pridestalker – the lore of both characters is deeply intertwined. It is said, that Kha’Zix alone was able to run from Rengar. Now the two characters are battling each other to earn the title of ultimate hunter. To determine who the greater of the two is, you can trigger the special quest event “The Hunt Is On!”. To play this event you first need to have Kha’Zix and Rengar in opposing teams, the event starts when the following requirements are met:

  • Kha’Zix has to spend all three evolution points, thus the event can’t be triggered until Kha’Zix is at least level 16.
  • Rengar has to have at least 12 stacks on his Bonetooth necklace
  • Every player needs to be alive for the quest to be triggered.

After  , every player receives the “Quest received” notification.

The Quest

To win the contest, Rengar or Kha’Zix must kill the other or assist in the takedown. Both receive rewards for fulfilling the quest, which make the kill of the enemy quite lucrative.

The Reward

Rengar gains “Head of Kha’Zix”, which replaces Rengar’s bonetooth necklace. The rewards being:

  • Rengar gains flat movement speed while out of combat or in brush
  • “Unseen Predator”s range is increased by 125
  • “Thrill of the Hunt” stealth duration is increased
  • “Thrill of the Hunt”s bonus movement speed is doubled
  • Vision in brushes is increased

Kha’Zix gains a fourth evolution point, which allows Kha’Zix to evolve all of his abilities.

Furthermore, the winner of the hunt receives a passive called “Victory!” and the loser receives the passive “Defeat!”.

Finishing with a big one, the list of my favourite easter eggs in League of Legends is done! If you like another easter egg better or feel like our list is missing out on something, just share your opinions on our facebook page!

See you later guys,


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