EU LCS Summer Split: Pro teams wrestle for the top ranks

Last week, a lot of interesting games between the League of Legends teams have been decided. Read about the specific battles and find out about the teams’ matches.

On Friday 26th of June, the EU teams were once again battling for domination of the LCS rankings in five very special games on that day. Now, the first half of the 2015 LCS Summer Split is already over and the second round for both LCS leagues started on Thursday. There are still four weeks left and all of the teams definitely hope to qualify for the playoffs.

This time, team Fnatic, who still remain unbeaten, fought against Gambit Gaming – a match for which 91% of the community voted in favour of Fnatic and they were dead right. Although Gambit Gaming banned Fnatic’s favourite champions, Fnatic found another avenue, so that they won again and are likely to reach one of the top places in the playoffs. They have achieved promising game results so far and thus garnered big chances.

Also, there was a thrilling match between Team Roccat vs. Unicorns of Love, where the latter had managed to pull of superior champion picks and planned a nice late game with their mains Cassiopeia, Gragas and Maokai. It was an exciting game, because the community mostly bet on Unicorns of Love, but the course of the game changed everything. So finally, Team Roccat made it and now has 4 wins and 6 losses.

The next particular battle was Origen against Copenhagen Wolves. The first blood was drawn by Copenhagen Wolves, but during the next 30 minutes Origen had beaten them in the team fights and achieved victory. Origen now have 8 wins and 2 losses. That is incredible, because Team Origen is one of the newest teams in the EU eSports scene and delivered such a good performance.

After that, Giants Gaming and Elements were pitted against each other, where team Giants turned out to be the community favourite. Team Giant’s banns were not based much on the mains of the enemies, but rather on the counter champions. Elements banned their counters like Jax and Morgana instead of their enemy’s mains. So Elements drew first blood and then destroyed the first tower already in minute 13. Thanks to their well-focussed pushing tactic, they eventually won the match.

The last match this day was decided between H2k and Sk Gaming. The vast majority of the people voted for H2k, but they were wrong again. It was a game of 45 minutes length and a very balanced struggle. SK Gaming was better than H2k in concentrating on doing drakes and baron. In the team fights, SK Gaming were a little bit stronger so they finally could win that match.

The 1st and the 2nd place in the EU LCS Summer Split will secure the first round byes in the playoffs, so all teams give their best to succeed. Right now, the first two ranks are taken by Fnatic and Origen. The 10th place (the last one) will get relegated to the Challenger Series. Actually Copenhagen Wolves coming the last place with 2 wins and 8 losses. But all teams still have a chance to reach a better place in the second part of the LCS Summer Split, which is starting now.

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