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Easter Eggs in Games Part 1: League of Legends

Hey, it’s Jin-A and I am back with a new article: Easter Eggs. We all love references and easter eggs in games, especially if we are able to find them ourselves. It feels like stumbling upon a present that you didn’t expect or being part of a secret only you and the game knows. You didn’t find any easter eggs yet? Don’t worry, we got your back. Here is a list with my favourite easter eggs in League of Legends! Continue reading >>

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Winners of ESL Cologne 2017: SK Gaming stays dominant

The ESL Cologne is over and we came to a conclusion: SK Gaming is the best Counterstrike team in the world right now. The ESL Cologne crowned SK as their champions 2017 and the team celebrated their win together with the crowd. Winning their third straight major title in two months and their fifth in 2017, there seems to be no stopping this team. Continue reading >>