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Easter Eggs in Games Part 1: League of Legends

Hey, it’s Jin-A and I am back with a new article: Easter Eggs. We all love references and easter eggs in games, especially if we are able to find them ourselves. It feels like stumbling upon a present that you didn’t expect or being part of a secret only you and the game knows. You didn’t find any easter eggs yet? Don’t worry, we got your back. Here is a list with my favourite easter eggs in League of Legends! Continue reading >>

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Last week in esports – PGL major 2017 and Dreamhack Atlanta

We witnessed many twists and turns as we sat down and watched the PGL Major 2017. With favourites who were expected to win the whole tournament going up against each other in the first round and a final no one expected, we were sent on an emotional rollercoaster. While the Major claimed most of the attention, Dreamhack Atlanta crowned their winners. Continue reading >>