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Easter Eggs in Games Part 1: League of Legends

Hey, it’s Jin-A and I am back with a new article: Easter Eggs. We all love references and easter eggs in games, especially if we are able to find them ourselves. It feels like stumbling upon a present that you didn’t expect or being part of a secret only you and the game knows. You didn’t find any easter eggs yet? Don’t worry, we got your back. Here is a list with my favourite easter eggs in League of Legends! Continue reading >>

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The 2017 LCS spring split Playoffs in Hamburg – the clash of passion and defeat

Last Weekend the playoffs of the EU LCS took place in the barclaycard Arena in Hamburg. I was invited by Lagardere Sports and watched the whole event from the Box. Lagardere, a new player to the eSports scene, sponsors, among other teams, the Unicorns of Love. Coming from the traditional sports sector, they are now exploring the new possibilities the eSports scene holds. Continue reading >>