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Easter Eggs in Games Part 1: League of Legends

Hey, it’s Jin-A and I am back with a new article: Easter Eggs. We all love references and easter eggs in games, especially if we are able to find them ourselves. It feels like stumbling upon a present that you didn’t expect or being part of a secret only you and the game knows. You didn’t find any easter eggs yet? Don’t worry, we got your back. Here is a list with my favourite easter eggs in League of Legends! Continue reading >>

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Jankos:”H2K was [a] big opportunity to prove myself and I took it”

2016 was an amazing run for H2K who represented europe in the World Championship. They were able to advance to the semifinals against all odds. With an amazing win over EDG they proved, H2K were not to be taken lightly. We were able to talk to Jankos and talk about his experiences at Worlds. This interview was conducted between the end of the WCS and Allstars 2016. Continue reading >>

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The rise of the international Wildcard region

The League of Legends World Championship felt predictable. Viewers witnessed very strategical and controlled games, watched the same faces rise to the top, the same champions getting picked and banned. Crazy strategies and plays were hard to find as pro players were not willing to take big risks, finding it easier to win by resorting to slow but steady gameplays. There was simply too much at stake. Continue reading >>