As a leading European distributor of exclusive top brands and extravagant hardware, Caseking’s engagement in the extreme overclocking scene comes natural. We’re proud to have two of the world’s most renowned representatives in our team.



Roman “der8auer” Hartung is a mechatronics student and hardware enthusiast from Germany, that’s been active in the extreme overclocking scene for many years now. He created his own series of LN2/DICE containers early on, volt-modded graphics cards with a soldering iron on his own and, in the process, dedicated himself fully to the art of squeezing the last droplet of power out of high-end hardware. His nickname “der8auer” is pronounced “der Bauer” [dɛɐ̯ ˈbaʊ̯ɐ] in German and translates to “the Builder” in English.

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Ian Parry aka. “8Pack” is an employee of Caseking’s subsidiary Overclockers UK and the world’s number one overclocking champion. Ultimate computing power is his passion and he’s been called “Conan the System Builder” by the media. The benchmarking grandmaster’s record-breaking achievements have paved the way, not only for a unique range of individually optimised flagship systems bearing his name, but also sparked the development of the world’s first 80Plus platinum-efficiency PSU with 2.000 watts by premium manufacturer Super Flower.

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