Ian Parry aka. “8Pack” is an employee of Caseking’s subsidiary Overclockers UK and the world’s number one overclocking champion. The fact, that he is currently holding a plethora of world records in computer benchmarking illustrates, that the typically British understatement means naught to him. Ultimate computing power, however, is his true passion and that’s why he’s even been called “Conan the System Builder” by the media. 8Pack is always on the hunt for the next prestigious performance record and, subsequently, countless overclocking-fireworks usually follow in his wake.

Time and time again, his frequent attendance at international high-class overclocking events has attracted thousands of enthralled fans, who crave nothing more than to witness him continuously breaking unbelievable benchmark-boundaries on live-streaming platforms like Twitch. You just don’t see fuming liquid nitrogen coolant next to bare super high-end hardware every day! Incessantly driven by the raw energies inside of him, 8Pack, in his life, is used to concentrated performance, so that he also loves to play with self-soldered volt-mods on mobile GPUs or power-modded low-end graphics cards for a change.

The benchmarking grandmaster’s record-breaking achievements have paved the way for a unique range of individually optimised flagship systems bearing his name, that can squeeze the absolute maximum out of state-of-the-art consumer technology. The hand-selected components of these cutting-edge powerhouses offer highest quality, feature massive guaranteed OC and are cooled gently and quietly by an elaborate custom water cooling within a variety of posh premium cases. All of 8Pack’s beasts can be acquired exclusively at Caseking and Overclockers UK!

His profound knowledge in the field of top-class hardware qualified 8Pack also to achieve his most recent triumph. In cooperation with PSU specialist Super Flower, he sparked the development of the world’s first 80Plus platinum-efficiency ATX power supply with unbelievable 2.000 watts, modelled entirely to his own specifications. In doing so, 8Pack and Super Flower created a consumer-grade PSU that’s one-of-a-kind and comes with unprecedented potential.

To all systems designed or inspired by 8Pack at Caseking.de:

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