Roman “der8auer” Hartung is a young mechatronics student and hardware enthusiast from Germany, that’s been active in the extreme overclocking scene for many years now. He created his own series of LN2/DICE containers early on, volt-modded graphics cards with a soldering iron on his own at an astonishingly young age and, in the process, dedicated himself fully to the art of squeezing the last droplet of power out of high-end hardware. His nickname “der8auer” is pronounced “der Bauer” [dɛɐ̯ ˈbaʊ̯ɐ] in German and translates to “the Builder” in English.

The exquisite “Elite” league of HWBOT, the most important central database for collected overclocking results on the internet, consists of only a handful of the most successful professional overclockers from all over the world. Currently (as of November 2014) ranking seventh worldwide in HWBOT’s “Elite” league, der8auer feels at home in the company of a select group of absolute hardware-enthusiasts, that regularly manage to achieve unfathomable benchmarking records. Being the undisputed number one in the German national ranking, he even reigns supreme amongst his fellow countrymen and shows, that he truly belongs to the forefront of the best overclockers on the planet.

Of course, der8auer is also regularly attending several of the scene’s most renowned overclocking events and benchmark contests, that are all being broadcasted live on Twitch and via other streaming platforms, to show off his abilities and to put his skill to the test. For example, he partnered up with his colleague 8Pack for the ASUS Open Overclocking Cup 2014 in Moscow in order to enable both of them to achieve optimal results in a joint effort. Due to their extensive knowledge in the field of top-class hardware, 8Pack and der8auer had even been chosen to act as head judges at the MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2014 in Taiwan.

To offer customers the fantastic opportunity to experience the utter maximum of consumer-grade computing power on their own, Caseking and der8auer introduced an exclusive range of unique and individually tuned high-end systems with hand-picked hardware, called the “Selective Fire Series”. All of these beautiful pieces of German-engineered perfection are being assembled, configured and manually overclocked by der8auer himself. Featuring impeccable build quality, whisper-silent watercooling and up to three powerful graphics cards along with the best components that are currently available on the market, their impressive properties are supplemented by individual parts and further benefits, like the CNC-milled spacers with custom logo design in the “Burst Fire” system or the eight “der8auer” advantages, that are unparalleled bonus services which can only be had at Caseking!

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