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Team Dignitas is getting ready for IEM KATOWICE 2017!!

This week we are happy to announce that the Heroes of the Storm Team from Dignitas are visiting our Bootcamp in preparation for IEM Katowice! The team consists of: Bakery, Snitch, Mene, Zaelia and JayPL; with Bakery and Snitch being part of Dignitas since 2015. I was able to sit down and ask a few questions from the team captain: James “Bakery” Baker. Continue reading >>

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The rise of the international Wildcard region

The League of Legends World Championship felt predictable. Viewers witnessed very strategical and controlled games, watched the same faces rise to the top, the same champions getting picked and banned. Crazy strategies and plays were hard to find as pro players were not willing to take big risks, finding it easier to win by resorting to slow but steady gameplays. There was simply too much at stake. Continue reading >>