Next to our own German-language YouTube channel Caseking.TV, where we are presenting the latest and greatest hardware, the very best products and tackle exciting gaming-related topics, we are proud to support YT legends such as Docm77.



Caseking.TV is the go-to channel on YouTube for all gaming and hardware enthusiasts who seek regular (German-only) content about the newest hardware. In addition to that, Stefan “Slame” Krumme will also host our new gaming show “Confessions of a Gamer”! Tune in for the “CoaG – Gaming Talk Show”, where they interview up to 3 bootcamp attendees. Inform yourself about gaming related hardware in our “CoaG – Tech Talk!”. Level-up your League of Legends skills by watching “CoaG – Tactic Session with H2K-Gaming’s pr0lly” and get the latest news from our bootcamp eSport stars in our “CoaG – 1on1 Interview”.

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Steffen “Docm77” Mössner is one of Germany’s biggest YouTube stars. Before he turned his hobby into a career and made gaming his full time job, he has played basketball in Germany’s strongest league. His videos fall into the “Let’s play” category and have gathered him a respectable following of over half a million fans. He is best known for creating incredible Minecraft constructions and contraptions, where he puts a strong emphasis on the technical side of the game and its inner mechanics.

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